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As a startup, your first goal is selling. You usually have no IT resources, limited budget, and limited business knowledge and wish you had a Personal Assistant.

Within a very short time-frame, you are faced with the following tasks:

  • Prepare commercial and marketing actions
  • Deal with tax and revenue obligations
  • Deal with the implications of business growth

If a mimimum of discipline is not met, you will not succeed. At a minimum, you need to :

  • Control cashflow
  • Reduce overheads
  • Keep an eye on customer payments
  • Follow up prospects

Wandsoft will help you control KEY ASPECTS of your business:

  • No physical server or installation are needed: One basic computer or Ipad with Wifi/3G connection is all you need!
  • No need for an office: you can access all files through an Internet connection.
  • You can easily broadcast a professional image, set reminders and send payment reminders.
  • Your IT system grows with your business.

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