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1 to 10 staff company

As a small company growing, your first goal is to develop your sales. In addition, comes the challenge of delegating, managing staff and keeping an eye on the business. Time is running scarce. You usually have limited IT resources and you need to keep a tight control on budget. You and your staff wished they had a Personal Assistant.

You are faced with the following tasks:

  • Deal with the implications of business growth
  • Hire the right amount of qualified staff
  • Delegation and staff management
  • Prepare commercial and marketing actions
  • Deal with tax and revenue obligations

If a mimimum of discipline is not met, your effort in starting up your business will be ruined. At a minimum, you need to :

  • Control cashflow
  • Reduce overheads
  • Keep an eye on customer payments
  • Follow up prospects
  • Manage staff

Wandsoft will help you control KEY ASPECTS of your business:

  • No physical server or installation are needed: One basic computer or Ipad with Wifi/3G connection is all you need!
  • Work flexibility: staff can work on the move since they can access all relevant files though an Internet connection
  • You can easily broadcast a professionnal image, set reminders and send payment reminders.
  • Ease the interaction with your accountant or business adviser.

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